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Marketing in 2015: What We’re Looking Forward to

Posted in Blog by Cobb PR on 16th December, 2014

As another big year in marketing draws to a close, industry predictions are now starting to surface thick and fast. While not every proclamation will create waves in the industry like some would hope, one thing is for sure: in the world of marketing, staying ahead of the game is paramount to maintaining an exciting and successful business. After a year of huge company growth and proud achievements, the team at Cobb Digital are ready to embrace the next set of predicted trends that are likely to influence our work in 2015. Here is an insight into what is at the forefront of our minds as New Year draws closer. Read more…

12 Days of Christmas Marketing Revealed

Posted in Blog by Cobb PR on 9th December, 2014

“On the 12th day of Christmas a clever marketer gave to me…” As I type, companies around the country are helping consumers to bulk out their stockings with last-minute sales, giveaways and competitions leading up to Christmas. This modern-day ’12 Days of Christmas’ strategy, wrapped up in tinsel and sparkly glitter, acts as a profitable advent calendar. If done correctly, this set of tactical efforts will provide a surge in sales and relieved faces before the bells of Christmas Day beckon. Here at Cobb Digital, we have put together this handy guide on how use this festive window effectively to boost your business and please your customers. Read more…

10 Email Marketing Tips to Boost Your Business this Christmas

Posted in Blog by Cobb PR on 11th November, 2014

By Laura Comben

Christmas is nearly here! As purse strings start to loosen, and the festive cheer starts to spread, marketers should be thinking about executing the perfect emailing marketing campaign. A range of opportunities can be found within B2B and B2C, from brand awareness and heightened engagement to retaining clients and generating sales. While emailing marketing is hard to ignore at this time of the year, not everyone makes the most of the time. Use these ten tips to end Q4 in style. Read more…

White Paper: Is SEO Dead? 5 ways to rank higher in 2015

Posted in Blog, Digital by Cobb PR on 10th November, 2014

By Christian Ryan

I’m sure you will have seen this question either in a Tweet, a blog headline or banded about at a conference recently.

The simple answer is, NO… Adapted, yes, different, yes. But SEO is still a massively important aspect of any successful company’s digital strategy.

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The 5 Cs of Content Marketing

Posted in Blog by Cobb PR on 31st October, 2014

By Laura Comben

Content marketing is a term that you simply cannot ignore in 2014. It was reported in July that 74% of CMO’s think that customised content is the future of marketing while 91% of B2B companies now use content marketing to attract new customers. Although content marketing has been around for some time, the sharp rise in uptake took place at the start of 2013. As more social media algorithms now focus on creative, original material, businesses from all sectors have now started to type furiously in order to fight their way onto our feeds. As Cobb Digital ventures down new content marketing avenues with new and existing clients, we reflect on the key elements that put the ‘c’ in content marketing.

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Lunchtime News – February

Posted in News by Cobb PR on 5th February, 2014

The February edition of ‘The Lunchtime news’ is now available to view online.

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Cobb PR’s Managing Director chosen to judge a prestigious national award

Posted in News by Cobb PR on 30th January, 2014

The Managing Director of Sussex based PR and marketing agency Cobb PR has been invited to be a judge at the 2014 Chartered Institute of Public Relations Excellence Awards.

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Cobb PR celebrates more success

Posted in News by Cobb PR on 6th January, 2014

Award winning PR agency, Cobb PR, is celebrating more success this week.

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Fabrice Muamba helps launch BrightonandHoveJobs.com and Albion Partnership

Posted in News by Cobb PR on 18th December, 2013

Cobb PR client BrightonandHoveJobs.com has teamed up with Brighton & Hove Albion to ensure Academy youngsters have the right skills to succeed in work when their careers come to an end.

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Locate East Sussex featured in The Argus

Posted in News by Cobb PR on 10th December, 2013


Cobb PR client, Locate East Sussex,  is on the front page of the Argus Business Section today after commenting on a report by the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The Argus piece features two of the six local companies that made the LSE list of the 1000 most inspiring companies in the UK. Read more…